No Man's Sky gets huge update with 30 hours of storyline

No Man's Sky may finally get co-op exploration and story overhaul in next update

It looks like Multiplayer Might Finally Come to No Man's Sky

With a heavy emphasis on new context, quest system, and branching narrative to discovering the truth of No Man's Sky, there is almost 30 hours of new story content.

Atlas Rises brings 30+ hours of new story content to the game, which never had much of a story to begin with.

Visit the new Mission Agent in Space Stations to pick up unique and rewarding new tasks.

Travel is getting a bit of an overhaul as well.

Other new additions include a regenerated system which adds wealth, economy and conflict levels to star systems and an overhauled Galaxy Map, improving navigation and providing access to key information. Atlas Rises also gives you the power to change planets yourself: A new terrain manipulator allows you to sculpt the landscape with the Multi-Tool. Since its release last fall, No Man's Sky has received two big updates, adding new gameplay features and content. Update 1.3, called 'Atlas Rises' is their biggest yet and it's rolling out now to PC and PlayStation 4.

While that's a lonely pursuit, the Atlas Rises update finally introduces an incipient form of multiplayer action, a feature that had been perhaps the most controversial omission from No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky's photo mode now supports depth of field.

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Players who come close to each other will see their fellow travellers visualised as unusual floating orbs, and will be able to travel with them and meet up on other planets. While Hello Games admits that "interaction with others is now very limited", you can still communicate with one another through proximity-based VoIP. In this case, the changes are centered around planets and their biomes, with new "exotic planet types" popping up as you approach the galactic core.

Analyze resources before harvesting for to gain alternative resources from mining.

Players will be able to encounter "ghost/glitch" versions of other players, with a cool visualisation.

Devastating rockets can be equipped to ships and upgraded for even greater firepower.

Space combat mechanics have been improved to make fighting in space more compelling. You can view the full extent of the update over on the official website, which definitely is a long read.

Whether you choose to fight, trade or explore, every decision you make has consequences, shaping your journey as you travel ever deeper into No Man's Sky.

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