Opening animation of 'Sonic Mania' is a picture-perfect blast from past

Sonic Mania Opening Released Early After Unauthorised Streams

Sega releases Sonic Mania opening animation video

While console owners can expect to try out Sonic Mania for themselves on August 15, it appears as though PC players will have to wait just a little bit longer. SEGA did not reveal the reasons for this small delay other than the PC version - in its current state - does not meet its standards.

Today, Sonic Team delivered the news that they've chose to delay Sonic Mania's PC release for another two weeks until August 29th. If Sega ever decides to make a new Sonic cartoon, it would be wise for them to go with a style like this.

Today, during a livestream hosted by Sega, PR and Social Media Manager Aaron Webber teased fans about upcoming Sonic Forces news.

People who are considering getting Sonic Mania for Windows PCs will experience a slight delay.

Sonic Mania Opening Released Early After Unauthorised Streams

Sonic Mania is doing what most Sonic fans have wanted since the blue hedgehog transitioned into three dimensions: taking it back to the original quadrilogy.

The most unfortunate part of this announcement is just how close it comes to the release date of Sonic Mania on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Users who purchased the collector's edition will still receive their box on August 15, and the code inside will allow them to claim their copy of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic Mania's opening cinematic is so retro, it's even got a slightly chubby main character again.

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