US Marine Corps order 24-hour 'reset' of aircrafts

Japan OKs US flights of Ospreys in Japan

Investigations Rule Out Mechanical Failure As Cause For Osprey Crash Off Australian Coast

"This operational reset will occur within the next two weeks and will be taken at the discretion of commanders, based on their unit's operational commitments, to focus on the fundamentals of safe flight operations, standardization, and combat readiness", according to an August 11 statement.

Gen. Robert Neller's order comes days after three Marines were killed when their MV-22 Osprey aircraft crashed into the sea off the coast of Australia.

In all, 26 Marines were aboard the aircraft at the time of the crash.

Marine squadrons were ordered to review selected mishaps that took place across the Corps and "study historical examples of completed investigations" to improve best practices and awareness across the service.

The halt will affect all Marine Corps aircrafts, including those with tilt-rotors, helicopters and fixed-wing planes.

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The operational reset is not related to any equipment issues, and the Marines plan to use the 24-hour period "to focus on the fundamentals of safe flight operations, standardization, and combat readiness".

"Pauses in operations are not uncommon and are viewed as a responsible step to refresh and review best practices and procedures so our units remain capable, safe, and ready", the statement said. In that incident, the Osprey crashed into the deck of the USS Green Bay as it was landing on the amphibious transport dock before crashing into the ocean about 18 miles off the coast of Queensland.

In July, a KC-130T transport plane crashed in the southern state of MS, resulting in the death of 15 Marines and a Navy corpsman.

As yet, investigators have not announced a cause for either crash.

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