Karzai reacts at alleged civilian deaths in USA airstrike

US soldiers keep watch near the wreckage of their vehicle at the site of an attack by Taliban in Kandahar Afghanistan

US soldiers keep watch near the wreckage of their vehicle at the site of an attack by Taliban in Kandahar Afghanistan

According to TOLO News، the air raid hit a civilian vehicle in Haska Mina district late on Thursday.

Local authorities said 16 civilians, including women and children, had been killed in two separate airstrikes.

Local security officials say Afghan forces, backed by USA airpower, are conducting counterterrorism operations against Islamic State militants in the district, where Thursday's airstrikes occurred.

The US military has strongly denied that American forces killed civilians in a recent airstrike in the eastern part of Afghanistan. "The strike was conducted in the middle of open terrain", said the spokesman, Bob Purtiman.

Mohammada Khan, 42, a truck driver, said in a telephone interview that he had lost six members of his family in the airstrike, which hit a minibus in which they were fleeing."There were no ISIS members in the area", he said.

A spokesman for Afghanistan's defense ministry told AFP that the strike by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces killed five insurgents and wounded two others.

Takfiri Daesh terrorists in Afghanistan
Takfiri Daesh terrorists in Afghanistan

"This is the second false claim of civilian casualties in the same district within the last three weeks", Purtiman noted.

Despite the presence of thousands of foreign boots on the ground، Afghanistan has been rocked by an increase in terrorist attacks، some of them carried out by the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group mainly active in Nangarhar province.

"We are deeply concerned by the harrowing reports of civilians being killed and atrocities being committed", UNAMA chief Tadamichi Yamamoto said.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Taliban and Islamic State attacked a village in the northern province of Sar-e Pul this week, killing between 50-60 people, a leading Afghan human rights group said on Friday.

Dawlat Waziri, a spokesman for Afghanistan's defence ministry, said the strike was carried out by foreign forces in coordination with Afghan officials. Claims of "extremists" are common enough for the Pentagon at first blush, but with the casualties heavily women and children, it won't stand up to much scrutiny.

The United States now has about 8،400 soldiers in Afghanistan with another 5،000 troops from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies.

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