'The show is fake' CBB contestant Trisha Paytas lashes out in video

Too far? Katie Price looked to have met her match after Trisha Paytas took to Twitter to slam her over comments she made on the brief CBB star's exit from the house

Celebrity Big Brother: Trisha Paytas vows to 'expose' show in scathing YouTube video

Earlier in the week, she won over some viewers, with many already naming her as their victor on social media, after standing up to fiery model Jemma Lucy and actor Paul Danan when they appeared to be ganging up on her.

Immediately after she left, Trisha took to Twitter to vent and made two videos with wildly different attitudes.

Referring to her time on the show, she added: "Ugh, it was a mindf**k". In the first video she expressed remorse for leaving, and felt like she let down her fans who had voted to save her.

The next day she woke up to find that she was on the cover of all the British tabloids, which went to print BEFORE she walked out of the house. "But because he looks at me and I have all this body hanging out, he's disgusted by it. F**k Paul, that fake motherf****r".

However, minutes later she posted a new video. She implied that she would hold back on spilling too much tea until CBB "worked out" some of their issues.

After a series of breakdowns in the house, John Hardman, who became estranged from his daughter in 2000, has called for her to be removed from the show as he says she is being 'cruelly exploited'. "The Trish show will always run".

Hitting back After the 39-year-old British glamour model branded the You Tube star 29 'weak for leaving the house Trisha took to Twitter to attack Katie's marriage with her fans inundating the model's Instagram posts with cruel comments

"She's in LA all the time so I don't really speak to any of them at the moment, so it's hard", says Sarah.

"I'm a celebrity with these guys?"

Actor Paul Danon in particular took issue with Trisha's online sway.

And she was furious when she watched the show and saw her housemates complaining about her behind her back.

"I like hanging out with Sarah".

While her exit will be screened on Saturday, bosses have shared a clip of the housemates finding out about Trisha's decision to walk.

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