Trump does not rule out military action in Venezuela

Fugitive mayor urges Venezuelans to continue resistance

Trump does not rule out military action in Venezuela

The top USA diplomat in Venezuela has arrived to hear what is likely to be a stinging rebuke to President Donald Trump's talk of a possible "military option" to resolve the country's political crisis.

"It is a insane act, the ultimate manifestation of extremism".

The vote was boycotted by the opposition, who accused Maduro of using the vote to consolidate power.

On Aug. 4, Venezuela raised alarms in the region when it installed a National Constituent Assembly, a body with all-encompassing powers that will rewrite the constitution.

The dramatic escalation in rhetoric seemed to upend carefully crafted US policy that has stressed working with regional partners to increase pressure on Maduro.

"The president is sending the vice president to South and Central America to deliver a very clear message both to our partners in the region and to the Maduro regime".

Not even the frustration over Trump's decision to partially roll back Obama's opening to Cuba - a diplomatic thaw that was applauded across the region's political spectrum - or his constant talk of building a border wall to keep out immigrants got in the way of presenting a united front toward Maduro.

"What Trump said somehow opens up all the options that have been assessed by Washington regarding Venezuela", Suarez said.

"The U.S. vice president specifically visits four of the governments that have been very active throughout this operation of aggression and pressure against Venezuela", said Suarez.

The supreme court, which has also shown itself consistently loyal to Maduro, stripped two opposition mayors of the right to public office and ordered them to jail, bringing to 23 the number targeted by legal action.

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She also said that, for representing the highest post of the homeland, "all unilateral sanctions against President Maduro, are an offense to the people of Venezuela".

Several Venezuelans also dismissed Trump's words as "imperial interference". Maduro overseas. So far, the Venezuelan leader's actions have been widely derided by his neighbors, including countries like Argentina and Brazil that were once close ideological allies of Venezuela.

According to Suarez, the US military option in Venezuela could be carried out under the pretext of a "humanitarian intervention".

"These threats will be seen through the historical prism", Ms. O'Neil said.

Trump's comments have been downplayed by the State Department and Pentagon, but have drawn the ire of a region that has always been sensitive to Washington meddling and CIA-backed coups.

"Now the world knows those who were against Maduro only wanted military invention by the empire", Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia, who supports Mr.

"The crisis in Venezuela can't be resolved through military actions, internally or externally", Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray wrote on Twitter.

Eva Golinger, an American lawyer who was a close confidante of Mr.

Following the meeting Arreaza is expected to deliver a government statement responding to Trump's remarks, which have been panned by government allies as a dramatic escalation of the country's political conflict.

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