Trump says U.S. nuclear arsenal more powerful than before

Trump says he's made the US nuclear arsenal 'far stronger' and 'more powerful.' He hasn't

Has the US Improved Its Nuclear Arsenal Under Trump? Fact-checking His Twitter Claims

"North Korea poses a serious threat to the US and all options should be on the table to protect the American people", Nelson said.

US President Donald Trump says the country's nuclear arsenal is now more powerful than before.

"And President Trump is not helping the situation with his bombastic comments".

Welcome to Friday, where we've entered what feels like round 57 of "Is THIS finally what gets Twitter to ban Trump?".

Mr. Trump's "first order" refers to a January 27 presidential memorandum ordering a new Nuclear Posture Review, characterized by the Pentagon as "legislatively mandated" and the basis of nuclear policy.

On Tuesday, President Trump warned that North Korea will be "met with fire and fury" if it continues to ratchet up tensions over its missile and nuclear programs.

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United States President Donald Trump on Friday tweeted that military solutions were "fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely". The Defense Department's web page for the Nuclear Posture Review describes it as "legislatively mandated".

"I think the wording was over the top and distracting, as well as unhelpful", Klingner added. The question President Trump raised on Wednesday is how it compares today to what the Air Force and Navy have deployed in the past. I think she is espousing an attitude that got us in this mess, the attitude of capitulation. All I see is that President Trump seems to be well in command of his faculties with regard to North Korea.

Administration spokespeople tried to assure the public that Trump's apocalyptic "fire and fury" language was improvised and, as US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, Americans should not be concerned about the worsening rhetoric from both sides. However, his recent tweet about North Korea rubbed some users the wrong way, and they reported his account for threatening violence. "He will ask, 'Did Obama approve this?' And if the answer is affirmative, he will say: 'We don't'".

With over 35 million followers on the micro-blogging site, Mr Trump is one of the most active politicians on Twitter.

"North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States". Lindsey Graham, a Republican on the Armed Services Committee, told CBS' "This Morning" that Trump had "basically drawn a red line" by saying Pyongyang can't ever have a nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile capable of striking the U.S.

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