What's the Deal With That Letter Arya Found on Game of Thrones

Ned and Robb

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Last night's episode of Game of Thrones has everyone asking one question: What did the scroll say?

"Sansa is now the Lady of Winterfell; the girl who always loved finery and dreamed of being queen, and now becomes this formidable political operative".

In the episode, entitled Eastwatch, a suspicious Arya followed Littlefinger around Winterfell and covertly observed his actions - not knowing that he was aware of this and intending for her to do so. But as we saw ourselves, Sansa was not treated well, nor was she provided with every comfort.

Game Of Thrones' Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish has proven time and again how adept he is at four-dimensional chess, what with his unique ability to stay three or four steps ahead of his adversaries. The letter would have come to Winterfell, because Sansa wouldn't have known her mother's precise location. "Our good king Robert is dead, killed from wounds he took in a boar hunt", the letter says.

Here's a screenshot of what Arya saw when she retrieved that scroll from Littlefinger's mattress.

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But, it has been a long time since then and if this scroll was to be revealed now it could prove to unhinge Sansa attempts at gaining and keeping the trust of the Northern Lords while Jon is away.

Of course, as Vanity Fair writer Joanna Robinson notes, Arya and/or Sansa may just be clever enough to see through Littlefinger's scheme. Some GoT fans think Littlefinger is perfectly capable of manipulating Arya and her sister, Sansa; however, a new theory about Littlefinger's scroll suggests it's the sisters who will have the upper hand. It was only on-screen for a second, but it held massive significance, and harkens back to season one, when Cersei forced Sansa to write a letter to her brother Robb. Littlefinger is exceptional when it comes to climbing a pile of corpses to the next rung on his chaos ladder.

Enter Littlefinger who also recognizes this weakness in the women's relationship. She might take this as proof Sansa once pledged loyalty to Joffrey, which will drive more of a wedge between the sisters.

Robb could tell immediately that Sansa didn't mean any of what she wrote, and he ended up doing exactly the opposite of what was asked of him.

This is all a part of Littlefinger's game. Sansa and Arya have tension between them and all of their scenes end with words left unsaid. The Stark sisters have only just united and are already skeptical of one another. If the other Northmen had found the note, they would probably turn on Sansa, accusing her of being a Lannister supporter. If Sansa can be "his" and his alone (and his creepy infatuation with her is well-documented), the north is that much closer being under his secret, or maybe not-so-secret, control.

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