Humble 2K PlayStation Bundle Includes PS3, PS4, and Vita Games

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Someone must have been listening because they have just announced the Humble PlayStation 2K Bundle: a whole bunch of 2K games spread across the PS4, PS3 and Vita. Taking advantage of the current offer, you can purchase up to 15 months of service subscription at a cost of £39.99. For $1, people can get one PlayStation 3, one PlayStation 4, and two PlayStation Vita games. For $1 you can grab XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus and Civilization Revolution 2 Plus on Vita, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and all the DLC on PS3, and Evolve on PS4.

I use Humble a lot, but I have been saying for a long time that they need to offer more deals for console games. That's a hell of a lot of good games for a pretty slim amount of cash, the proceeds of which can be donated to the current charity, Covenant House, which helps the homeless youth. On PS4, you'll get $9.99 worth of Premium Currency for Battleborn, which is now free-to-play.

Stepping up a tier to twenty dollars will also add the excellent XCOM 2 for the PS4.

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That'd be the PlayStation 4 version, of course, and while the Aussie dollar has held up against the United States one better in the past, that's still a pretty fine deal on the top tier. XCOM 2 is $60 full price, and the $20 gets you all the other listed games as well.

2K Games has given players some fantastic franchises and games to enjoy over the past few years like the Borderlands series, the revived XCOM series, and more, with numerous publisher's games now available on the cheap for PlayStation owners.

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