Tallest, fastest, longest steel-wood hybrid coaster coming to OH in 2018

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Cedar Point announces new ride to debut in 2018

Steel Vengeance is expected to open in 2018.

Cedar Point built the Mean Streak coaster near the back of the park in 1991 at a cost of $7,500,000.

The world's first hyper hybrid roller coaster will be called "Steel Vengeance" and, according to the park, will be the tallest and fastest hybrid roller coaster in the world.

The ride will debut during Cedar Point's opening day next season in May 2018.

Riders will board one of the ride's three trains and climb 205 feet. The entire ride will last approximately 2 minutes, 30 seconds. One of their most famous rides, Dollywood's Lightning Rod, the first-ever wooden launch roller coaster, won best new roller coaster a year ago.

Steel Vengeance's smooth steel track on its wooden structure will take riders on maneuvers McClure says were never thought possible.

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Guests will also be able to watch a live-feed of the total solar eclipse from locations that are in the path of totality. Albury warns that you should not look at the sun during the eclipse due to the extreme risk of damage to your eyes.

Separating the Sandusky theme park from the rest are the many different types of steel coasters for adults, including a wing (GateKeeper), a racing Hybrid (Gemini), a launched (Maverick) and a floorless coaster (Rougarou).

With only the words "They're Rollin" In Like Thunder' on the screen, the Mean Streak's track was seen at various angles with Western music playing in the short clip.

Note: The statistics are all record-breakers for steel-wood hybrid coasters.

It will be the first wood-steel hybrid coaster in the world to feature a first drop taller at heights higher than 200 feet.

Steel Vengeance is being constructed by the roller coaster engineers and builders at Rocky Mountain Construction, an Idaho company that specializes in the reconstruction and re-imagination of traditional wooden roller coasters.

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