Dunford: US-South Korean Alliance Ready to Defend Against North Korean Threat

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"At the same time, we will keep our doors open for military dialogue to make sure tensions between the South and the North do not worsen", the president said, in an apparent effort to ease military tension between the two Koreas.

He earlier told his South Korean counterparts that America is ready "to use the full range of military capabilities to defend our allies and the US homeland", according to USA military spokesman Capt. Darryn James.

In a meeting with top aides at the presidential Blue House, Moon said South Korea would work to safeguard peace on the peninsula in cooperation with the United States and other countries.

"We're all looking to get out of this situation without a war", Dunford told reporters traveling with him to Osan Air Base in South Korea.

Moon said the North could create conditions for talks by stopping nuclear and missile tests. On this point, Moon said, South Korea and the U.S. are on the same page.

This dispute between the United States and North Korea is further evidence of how the very existence of nuclear weapons greatly increases our collective insecurity.

Last week, tensions rose to new heights as North Korea threatened to engage in more aggressive weapons testing and President Donald Trump warned that North Korean threats will be met with "fire and fury like nothing the world has seen before".

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The Chinese commerce ministry said on its website that all imports of coal, iron, iron ore and seafood will be "completely prohibited" from Tuesday. "I'm confident that the United States will respond to the current situation in a rational and responsible manner, and with the same approach as us", Moon went on to say. The first is to defend against an attack and the second is to ensure the alliance has a decisive response in the event of an attack.

But its proposal for North Korea to suspend its arms programmes in return for the United States to halt military drills in the region has been ignored. "The military dimension today is directly in support of that diplomatic and economic effort", he said. We call on all parties, and the worldwide community under the leadership of the United Nations Security Council, to foster the conditions necessary for thoughtful, measured and productive diplomacy.

The decision was announced on Monday after days of increasingly bellicose rhetoric between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un's regime, which has raised global alarm about where the crisis is headed. The heated exchange led to concerns that the USA and North Korea were moving towards nuclear war, especially when Trump warned that the US armed forces are "locked and loaded" for a potential conflict. Moon said North Korea must stop issuing menacing statements and provoking.

Other responsive measures include the deployment of US strategic assets to the Korean Peninsula and discussions on additional joint military exercises.

While Moon's latest speech is in line with that of Seoul's stance, it is seen as a more refined and official proclamation of the government's position in handling the crisis, especially considering how Liberation Day speeches are considered one of the more important messages delivered by a South Korean president throughout the years.

"We will do our best to prevent (North Korea) from taking such acts by stepping up pressure through the UN", Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday.

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