Natalee Holloway's remains finally found?

Dave Holloway Opens Up About the Closure The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway Stands to Offer Him

Natalee Holloway's Remains May Have Been Found

Eighteen-year-old Holloway, an Alabama native, went missing in 2005 during a trip to Aruba with classmates celebrating their graduation.

Dave Holloway hired a private investigator, and an informant was found who they say put them in contact with someone "directly involved with Joran van der Sloot in disposing of Natalee's remains".

Natalee, from the USA state of Alabama, went missing in May 2005 while on a graduation trip with friends. Now, 12 years later, he's following what he believes to be the most credible lead to date: a detailed first-hand account from a man who claims to know the whereabouts of his daughter's remains, and the hope of finally getting a conviction of Joran van der Sloot. He is now serving a 28 year sentence in Peru for the death of Stephany Flores.

There is another twist to the mystery surrounding the disappearance of American high school graduate Natalee Holloway following the discovery of human remains in this Dutch Caribbean territory.

This comes after an 18-month long investigation by Dave Holloway and the private investigator T.J. Ward.

"I know there's a possibility this could be someone else, and I'm just trying to wait and see", Holloway said.

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And yes, it all leads back to Jorin van der Sloot.

Holloway was last seen getting into a vehicle with van der Sloot and two Surinamese brothers on the last night of her trip. Ward said on Today that the remains had been sent out for testing, and were recently confirmed to be human remains.

Van der Sloot was arrested three times by Aruban authorities over Natalee's disappearance, but released each time due to lack of evidence.

According to the two men, the bones that were found have been tested - and were determined to be human. Van der Sloot, who was 17 at the time of Holloway's disappearance, said he was with Holloway the night she disappeared, according to ABC News.

"It would finally be the end", he said.

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