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In calling for a special session nearly half of Gov. Greg Abbott’s items involved curtailing local control. This what else he said about cities later “Once you cross the Travis County line then it starts smelling different. And you know what that

Texas House Republicans to begin mulling 2019 speaker's race

Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham) says she remains convinced that Texas needs a "bathroom bill", despite the legislation never getting serious consideration in the House during a special session that ended earlier this week.

As the Senate prepared to adjourn Tuesday, senators said they wanted Abbott to call another special session on property taxes.

Had the bill made it through, transgender people would have been required to use restrooms, showers and locker rooms in state and local government facilities that match the sex on their birth certificate, and do not necessarily correspond to their gender identity. "Defeating bills like this in Texas sends a strong message to other state legislatures that mean-spirited, discriminatory, anti-LGBTQ proposals are non-starters".

Greg Abbott on Tuesday signed into law HB 214, which prohibits insurance companies from using Texas taxpayer dollars for abortions.

"The good news is that some of the most risky ideas, including the 'bathroom bill, ' attacks on teachers and other public employees, and attempts to further eliminate women's healthcare services all failed", Turner said. Opponents, largely Democrats, countered during debate on the bill that women do not anticipate needing an abortion, particularly in cases of sexual assault.

One bill that did make it through both chambers is education finance reform.

The bill's introduction came after the controversial bathroom bill in North Carolina.

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The bill mirrors a similar North Carolina law that led to widespread boycotts by corporations and various sporting events.

Lou Weaver, transgender programs coordinator for the LGBT right group Equality Texas, said he was "cautious about any possible next steps by our elected officials" but "thankful for all the trans folks and parents of trans youth who kept pushing back".

The governor may be forced to call a second special session to address a recent federal court ruling requiring that boundaries for two congressional districts be redrawn. That included legislation that would have lowered property tax payments for some Texans, including the elderly, disabled and military members.

"This is a completely dysfunctional system that's not working on issues that matter to people of Texas", Castro explained.

SB 17 also charges the task force with studying what other states are doing to curb their maternal death rates, looking at the health disparities and socioeconomic status of the mothers dying in Texas and finding solutions to help women with postpartum depression.

"I think the House members in the 140 days of the regular session and the 29 days of the special session have much to be proud of, and accomplishments that each one of them individually can take home and do well in discussing with their constituents", Straus said.

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