Trump Rescinding DACA Program Protecting Young Immigrants

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Trump, Congress playing immigration chicken with Dreamers | Opinion

Now I might not even get to reach any of them.

Trump has chose to kill the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the temporary reprieve granted under Obama that for the past five years has enabled almost 800,000 immigrant youth to work and remain in the country legally. "There are people in Congress that are concerned about them and care about them and want to make it right".

US President Donald Trump administration's decision to ditch protections for individuals in the United States without legal status drew rebuke from several states.

When the time came for the Trump administration to announce it was ending DACA on Tuesday, there was a familiar face at the podium. He said New Yorkers here on DACA status are "not your enemy", and that they represent "the best of America".

But Congress has repeatedly tried - and failed - to come together on immigration overhaul legislation, and it remains uncertain whether the House would succeed in passing anything on the divisive topic.

Phoenix: The program that protects young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children or came with families who overstayed visas has been rescinded. President Trump tweeted Tuesday morning.

He said certain industries have especially benefited from young immigrant employees.

"To that end", she said, "we will ask our congressional delegation to move quickly to take action to provide protection for our undocumented students and give them a path to permanent residency and eventually citizenship".

Sessions announced in advance he would not take questions, one more sign of the intellectual cowardice and lack of accountability that are the hallmarks of the anti-immigrant advocates pushing for DACA repeal. Obama recognized that children raised in the USA, who in many cases could not remember any other home, who learned English, blended into their communities and aspired to achieve the American Dream, belong here.

"There's a program, kids are protected by it, they are going to lose that protection if we don't act", Flake said.

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"I do not favor punishing children, most of whom are now adults, for the actions of their parents", Trump said in his written statement.

Supporters of the program demonstrated in New York City, where police handcuffed and removed over a dozen immigration activists who briefly blocked Trump Tower, and in other cities, including Salt Lake City, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Portland, Oregon.

A stand-alone bill addressing just the "dreamers" seems unlikely to pass the House, given the firm stance of many conservatives. It is Trump who could, but has not, presented actual legislation to Congress.

"There is undoubtedly a sense of anxiety among the DACA recipients and their families with whom I have talked in the past few weeks".

After a series of recent reports indicating that Trump would be phasing out the program, Attorney General Jeff Sessions broke the silence September 5, providing the administration's first official remarks since the speculation began. Existing permits will remain in effect, and applications already in the pipeline will be processed.

The program will phase out entirely by March 2020. When he served in the Senate as a GOP senator from Alabama, he was one of the chief critics of DACA after former President Barack Obama put it into place.

"I like it that our states and localities are holding our federal government to account expecting us to do what is our responsibility to the state and locals and that is enforce the law", Sessions said.

"From a Republican Party point of view, this is a defining moment", he said.

In a post on his Facebook page, Gleason said, "This decision makes tonight's silent candlelight vigil all the more important".

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