Resident Evil VII gets a Gold Edition, final DLCs get release dates

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition

Rumor: Resident Evil 7 Will Be Getting End Of Zoe DLC Along With Not A Hero

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition will include all the contents from the critically acclaimed release earlier this year along with all three pieces of downloadable add-on content, in one ultimate horror package.

You'll be able to play both "End of Zoe" and "Not a Hero" in VR with PlayStation 4, along with "nearly all content" from the rest of the game as well. Unfortunately, Capcom announced in April that the free additional content had to be delayed because the developers believed that the DLC "was not good enough" to meet the fans' high expectations. However, what is most surprising is that Redfield arrived riding on a helicopter owned by Umbrella Corporation, which is the company behind the virus that triggered the zombie outbreak in the Resident Evil series.

The story stars Resident Evil veteran Chris Redfield and takes place after the events of the game.

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The Resident Evil Revelations Collection will include optional motion controls for the Joy-Cons as well as HD Rumble compatibility. The former will run you roughly 1,500 yen piecemeal, and the latter is still free, and will launch on December 14 in the same region. Of course, owners of the Gold Edition will also have access to "Not a Hero", just like everyone else.

End of Zoe will focus on Zoe and feature new areas and enemies and will presumably be longer than Daughters -a seriously underwhelming extra piece of content- owing to the price.

A trailer for the updated Resident Evil 7 can be seen below alongside a new "Tape-01 Zoe" teaser for the End of Zoe DLC. In addition to its inclusion in the Gold Edition, End of Zoe will also be available to buy as a separate download for £11.99. All of this will be included in the Gold Edition, as well as separately.

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