Florida Facebook campaign to shoot Hurricane Irma goes viral

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'You won't make it turn around': Florida sheriff pleads with people not to FIRE their guns into Irma after some residents urged fellow gun advocates to show the storm that 'we shoot first'

A sheriff in Florida has warned locals not to shoot at Hurricane Irma, after a spoof Facebook event created by a 22-year-old went viral.

Pasco County sheriff's officials said shooting Irma "won't make it turtn around and it will have very unsafe side effects", noting on Twitter that "bullets come back".

Florida authorities have issued a stern warning to those shooting into Hurricane Irma: shooting bullets into the storm won't help keep you safe.

Edwards - whose Facebook page shows a bearded and tattooed young man cradling a gray cat - himself acknowledged that things had gotten out of hand.

The Facebook campaign saw all of those thousands of people claiming that they would want to shoot down Irma in the USA because "in Florida, we shoot first".

Edwards told The Associated Press on Sunday in a Facebook message it "seems the joke may have gone over many people's heads".

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"The response is a complete and total surprise to me. It has become something a little out of my control".

Mr Edward's idea sparked a series of spoof diagrams and outlandish suggestions, including one suggesting people could destroy Hurricane Irma by "cooling the Atlantic with ice cubes".

"It's time we took a stand against this big bully!"

"Join me in this fight as we shoot flames at Hurricane Irma and dissipate her on the spot".

More than 6m people in Florida were urged to evacuate as Irma approached, though some made a decision to sit it out.

After hitting the Florida Keys, Irma was forecast to move up the state's Gulf Coast later Sunday.

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