Germany's Frankfurt airport function affected after tear gas attack

Tear-gas attack at Germany's Frankfurt Airport leaves 6 with breathing difficulty, eye irritation

Six injured after gas is sprayed at check-in at Frankfurt Airport

Several people have been reported to be injured after a suspected tear gas attack at check-in counters in Germany's Frankfurt airport. The injured who complained of breathing problems were rushed to the hospital.

Cops reported that the situation was under control but investigations were underway as the cause was "still unclear".

Now flight operations have resumed.

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German tabloid Bild is reporting that an unknown person sprayed an "irritating substance" at people at the check in desk in Terminal 1.

Now check-in process has again resumed and flight operations have become normal after no "harmful substance" was found. As per the local newspapers of Germany, the man was a known face to police and was taken to a psychological ward after the incident. At least 20 check-in counters were closed while police and fire crews dealt with the incident.

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