Tesla reveals smaller Supercharger stations made for cities

Tesla is Taking Its Superchargers to a New Frontier: Cities

Tesla puts charging stations in more locations, including Boston

So on Monday, Tesla announced the rollout of new, urban Superchargers in Boston and Chicago; Beantown will get eight stalls, and the Windy City will get ten.

The carmaker - which is on the verge of a massive uptick in ownership as it begins delivering on roughly 500,000 pre-orders for its Model 3 sedan - provided details in a blog post. With the most affordable tier of the vehicle available the demand for superchargers is higher.

American urban dwellers are in luck: Owning a Tesla has just gotten easier.

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The California-based electric vehicle maker and renewable energy company opened Superchargers in downtown Boston and Chicago, intended in part to serve those who do not have easy access to a charger at home or in the workplace. This is so drivers can charge their cars while they run errands or grocery shop. Today, there are around 1,000 supercharger stations globally, with more than 6,500 superchargers in total.

Tesla has created a new architecture capable of delivering 72kW of power to each auto at a station which should help eliminate the issue of slower charging when all Superchargers are being used simultaneously and allow more owners to use the same station. The new chargers will have a space-saving design that will make them easier to install and easier to fit in more crowded areas like cities.

One obstacle to electric cars' growth is the availability of charging infrastructure - the last thing you want is to be stranded with nowhere to "juice up". Tesla has a website that shows all of the open and in progress charging stations, along with targeted openings for those that are still in the works. It can charge up to 52 miles per hour, but for those who can charge overnight it's not a problem. These new charging stations will have the same pricing as the existing supercharger stations which will be way cheaper than the cost of gasoline.

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