Amazon denies Bloomberg report that Boston has headquarters edge

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Amazon To Locate Second Headquarters In North America

Could we find out tomorrow that Arizona is going to be home to Amazon's new headquarters?

Amazon already has a close association with Boston, having purchased local robot-maker Kiva Systems Inc. for $775 million in 2012.

In searching for sites for its new headquarters, Amazon is looking for greenfield sites, in-fill sites, existing buildings or a combination for its new build. MIT recently announced a major breakthrough on voice-activated technology that could be of interest to Amazon, which sells the Echo smart speaker.

Amazon is publicly seeking a home for its second headquarters, and a report from Bloomberg on Tuesday says some execs are already pushing for Boston.

The new headquarters would result in 50,000 new jobs, according to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who tweeted in support of the deal. But global consumer chief Jeff Wilke objected and said the new location should be in the United States, the person said. The move borrowed a page from Amazon's online marketplace playbook: when sellers compete, buyers win.

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RFP applications for the headquarters are due by October 19, and a final site selection and announcement will be made next year. Whole Foods, the company's new stake in the grocery market, is based in Austin.

Among other criteria, Amazon says it requires for a prospective location proximity to a metro area with a population of at least 1 million, quick access to an worldwide airport and mass transit.

"Texas is absolutely the best choice from the perspective of associates", Ladd said. The city's housing crunch, and broader Bay Area cost of living and traffic congestion, are years ahead of Seattle's budding, big-city problems.

The city is also near an airport, one of Amazon's other requirements, and along public transit.

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