Democrat defends involvement in Trump voting commission

Exclusive – Kobach: It Appears That Out-of-State Voters Changed the Outcome of the New Hampshire US Senate Race

Illegal voters from Massachusetts may have won New Hampshire for Hillary

Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., was rigged. "When lawful permanent residents were informed that they were not authorized to vote in the national election, many claimed they were not aware", he said.

In addition to his mention of anecdotal evidence, Kobach had claimed that the "proof" of New Hampshire voter fraud lay in data showing 6,540 people who registered to vote on Election Day used out-of-state driver's licenses. Dunlap was responding to Kobach's column in Brietbart News, which was distributed widely in conservative networks, and to unproven assertions made by Trump himself that voter fraud was rampant in last year's election.

For years, liberal carpet baggers from Massachusetts, Vermont and CT have flooded into swing state New Hampshire, ostensibly to assist Democratic campaigns. "But he's now in a position where the consequences of doing this are really serious". "This morning, on this show, is not the venue for me to lay out all the evidence".

After all, if a person does not accept that mass voter fraud is a reality in the United States, it would pretty hard to marshal evidence to convince her otherwise: A five-year investigation into voter fraud by the George W. Bush administration turned up exactly 26 instances of the phenomenon; a November 2014 study turned up virtually no evidence of in-person voter fraud; and research conducted by the Brennan Center for Justice that same year uncovered 31 credible allegations of voter fraud for every 1 billion votes cast - a fraction of the number of legal citizens who were denied the right to vote for lacking proper identification during the same time period.

Many people, for various reasons, choose not to go to the DMV to get a new license upon moving to a new state, most commonly, college students from out-of-state who live on campus and don't drive.

"But more than 80 percent of voters who registered on November 8 using out-of-state driver's licenses - or 5,313 of them - neither had a state license, nor registered a motor vehicle nearly 10 months later", the Times' Rowan Scarborough noted. From this alone, he claims the election was tainted because these people must not have been eligible to vote in New Hampshire (he also purports to be able to divine which candidate they voted for).

The New Hampshire Secretary of State's website defines domicile as, "that one place where a person, more than any other place, has established a physical presence and manifests an intent to maintain a single continuous presence for domestic, social, and civil purposes relevant to participating in democratic self-government".

Before the start of the day's second panel, Kobach attempted to tamp down some of his initial allegations, which came in the form of a Breitbart op-ed where he wrote that "Now there's proof" of significant voter fraud in New Hampshire. "For instance, what if a same-day voter has the required documents at home, swears he/she will provide them, but the voter then can not get them to the clerk's office in time for one reason or another?"

"They somehow found a white man who is not an academic and who last wrote anything about elections a decade ago who is advocating for background checks before voting".

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One official administering the New Hampshire voting process recognized the system's failure to authenticate ballots. It is a role based entirely on citizens freely exercising our most fundamental right - the right to vote.

- Elijah E. Cummings (@RepCummings) September 12, 2017This commission regularly promotes unsubstantiated claims about "voter fraud" that undermine our democracy. One example are students who are in New Hampshire attending colleges or universities.

But facts and common sense are voting no.

She called his claims "reckless and irresponsible". These include restoring the Voting Rights Act, creating automatic voter registration systems and ending the use of voter ID laws.

These contentions were challenged by Jasper, who stressed the wide scope of voter fraud that is blatantly evident across New Hampshire. He added that when he was a student at Harvard he volunteered for then-Sen.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has upheld this interpretation. "And I will not, either", Gardner said.

Both state agencies that provided Jasper with the statistics exposing voter fraud divulged an account of why numerous people in New Hampshire could vote without possessing in-state driver licenses - or without registering their vehicles up to 10 months following last November's election.

That experience prompted Dunlap to call foul on Kobach's fraud claims in the Granite State.

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