James Franco's The Disaster Artist Has the Best Trailer of the Year

39;The Disaster Artist'

The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist will open in theaters on December 1, 2017. I've seen it by itself and I've seen it with a crowd, and obviously seeing it with a crowd is the way to go, but overall, I always felt that its following was manufactured and overdone.

Franco looks incredible in the role of Wiseau, and seems to have nailed his voice and mannerisms perfectly. The movie stars James Franco as the enigmatic Wiseau, because of course.

James Franco became a fan, and The Disaster Artist is his love letter to the making of the movie.

Franco himself plays Tommy, while his brother Dave Franco plays Greg.

James Woods paying no attention to Amber Tamblyn's pick-up controversy
Hammer responded by pointing out the hypocrisy of calling out one age gap when Woods himself is no stranger to them. Even without James' stamp of approval, "Call Me by My Name" received huge applause at the Toronto Film Festival.

However, Ben Travers from Indie Wire also points out that, "Viewers need to be well-versed in "The Room" to fully appreciate "The Disaster Artist", which derives its entertainment value from a self-awareness that lurks beneath every scene". "That's why your movie, I knew that - I said, 'You'll be doing a good job'".

The Disaster Artist was written by Scott Neustadter and Michael H Weber and is based on the book from Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell. The film also stars Seth Rogen, Sharon Stone, Hannibal Buress, Jacki Weaver, Melanie Griffith, Zac Efron, Alison Brie and Megan Mullally.

Tommy Wiseau and James Franco at the premiere of The Disaster Artist.

The Disaster Artist tells the story of the making of The Room, which is considered to be one of the worst movies ever made.

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