This Hurricane Season Is As Unusual As The Huge Storms Themselves

Catastrophic destruction

Catastrophic destruction

Trump's support for providing Texas churches with federal money is notable given that the lawsuit was filed against his own administration. You need good health to make a slow-moving, anxiety-inducing journey with thousands of other people surrounding you at every turn.

As video and images of Irma's destruction dominate the news, President Donald Trump and Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt continue to avoid addressing the elephant in the room: That Irma, particularly coming on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, urgently calls on us to focus our attention on climate change. She is also the founding director of the Risky Business Project, an initiative that assesses the economic risks of climate change, and the author of the 2015 report "Come Heat and High Water: Climate Risk in the Southeastern U.S. and Texas". It's time for action now. Some were criticized as fares for flights out of Florida rose before the storm. If I search the archives, I can come up with a few more irresponsible statements from Trump administration officials, but not many.

Maybe the least covered story is that the Red Cross, one of the leading fundraisers for Hurricane Harvey relief, has such a bad record in providing accountability (i.e., where'd the money go?) from past disaster relief efforts that groups in Houston are organizing on their own to meet needs following the storm. Now, Hurricane Irma is tearing through Florida. The 2005 hurricane season, which saw three named storms make landfall, carried a almost $200 billion price tag with it.

Hurricane Irma has left a trail of devastation across the Caribbean Islands. Past year a Christian Aid report showed that Miami tops the list of most vulnerable cities to climate change induced coastal flooding.

Household Incomes Rose to Record in 2016 as Poverty Fell
The income gains reflect mostly a rise in the number of Americans with jobs and in people working full time, the agency said. But Census officials cautioned against comparing the figures because the bureau has changed its methodology over the years.

Hurricane Harvey is an unnatural disaster. And regarding Irma, the WMO cited models showing "hurricanes in a warmer climate are likely to become more intense".

"These are storms of catastrophic severity", he said Monday. Global warming has altered all of those parameters.

We're talking about anthropogenic climate change, of course. And before Harvey's arrival, no Category 3 or stronger storm had done so since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, an unusually long 12-year drought. And they will - unless their work is hampered by political hacks.

The time to address climate change has to be now if we want a fighting chance at saving this world and the people who inhabit it.

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