China Has No Right to Oppose Japan's investment in Northeast: Amit Shah

No'Third Party Meddling, Says China After Japan's Investment Announcement In North-East

Boundary disputes with India remain, no third party should intervene: China warns Japan

Hua said the boundary between India and China was yet to be delimited: "There are disputes over the eastern section of the China-India boundary".

"China and India are working on seeking a fair and reasonable settlement which can be accepted by both sides through negotiations".

Commenting on India's first bullet train project, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said that the country was not disheartened by Japan bagging the project and that it remained committed to promoting cooperation in expanding India's rail network and improving its speed. "They appreciated the cooperation between Japan and North Eastern Region of India, ranging from key infrastructure such as road connectivity, electricity, water supply and sewage, to social and environmental sustainability such as afforestation and community empowerment, as well as people-to-people exchanges including the "IRIS Program" inviting youth from the NER to Japan".

Asked about possible allusions to China in the joint statement, Hua said, "I have also read the Japan-India joint statement..."

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China said it is opposed to any foreign investments including that from Japan in the "disputed areas" in India's Northeast region and is against any third party involvement in resolving its border disputes with India. The joint statement issued by the two countries did not specifically mention Arunachal Pradesh, parts of which are claimed by China.

"We hope that all parties can make concerted efforts to uphold the freedom of navigation and overflight enjoyed by all countries in relevant waters under the worldwide law and stay committed to settling the issues and disputes between them through dialogue and consultation", she added. "We hope the normal development of the relationship can be conducive to regional, peace and development and play a constructive role in this process", the Chinese spokesperson added.

She also said in response to other questions that China had closely tracked the Japanese Prime Minister's high-profile visit to India.

"Our established foreign policy of non-alignment demands we do not fall into someone's strategic space and become their tool, but create it for ourselves to achieve what we want".

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