China says United States should stop issuing threats to North Korea

South Korean authorities justify their actions under the pretext of tackling the DPRK's nuclear weapon threats, but they can not cover up treason to the nation with their arguments, it said.

"Honestly, I think the United States should be doing.much more than now, so that there's real effective global cooperation on this issue", Ambassador Cui Tiankai told reporters at the Chinese Embassy in Washington on September 15. "They should do more to find effective ways to resume dialogue and negotiation", he said.

North Korea fired an intermediate range ballistic missile over Japan on Friday, marking the second highly provocative missile launch in less than a month.

He further said, "Workers at US airplane factories, farmers growing soybeans, companies that sell smart phones to China, manufacturers that enjoy large market shares in China, companies in the service sector that have gained trade surplus in China, US states that engage in robust trade with China would all stand against it".

While disapproving Pyongyang's active moves on missile and nuclear programs, the Russian side has repeatedly said that sanctions and pressure are of little use to settling the knotty situation over the Korean Peninsula and called for more effective and cordial dialogue between all parties involved. Beijing has backed United Nations sanctions against the North.

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The Trump administration therefore plans to act on its own to restrict the flow of crude oil to North Korea from China, the North's main source of oil. According to the state-run KCNA news agency, leader Kim Jong-un said: "Our goal is to make the rulers of the USA dare not talk about military option regarding us".

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday that North Korea's latest missile test violated United Nations Security Council resolutions, the Interfax news agency reported.

This is while White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster warned that Washington was running out of patience for diplomatic solutions, noting, "For those. who have been commenting on a lack of a military option, there is a military option".

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday called on the worldwide community to unite against North Korea's "provocative acts" and urged the country to change its current course of action, China's Xinhua news agency reported. According to the United States and South Korean military, the missile was launched from the Pyongyang area.

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