Clearly, much is not clear on Trump and DACA amnesty

U.S. President Trump talks to the media after arriving for a briefing on Hurricane Irma relief efforts in Fort Myers Florida

Clearly, much is not clear on Trump and DACA amnesty

Evangelical ministers and leaders are also divided, some saying we must protect our borders and citizens while others say Dreamers, who were brought to the United States as children, some even as infants, and grew up in the USA are victims of a broken system.

Christian leaders and activists gathered Wednesday on Capitol Hill to urge Congress to protect young undocumented immigrants.

Reports of a deal between Donald Trump and Democratic leaders to protect undocumented migrants who arrived in the United States as children have generated ripples of doubt among the president's supporters, some of whom were alarmed by Trump's statement on Thursday that "a wall will come later".

She says, "We can't apply the old rules - yes, we're going into the fall of odd bedfellows, but the President isn't a Republican". Almost 18,000 of our own local immigrants will be affected by the ending of DACA ( Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). "We would give the Congress and the president the opportunity to work through some of the difficulties". It's unclear exactly how many West Virginians could be affected by the president's order, but the number is likely somewhere between the 25 working with Young, and the 317 people approved for DACA in West Virginia since its inception, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

When it comes to immigration reform, Congress has the responsibility to remember all immigrants. They are nurses, engineers, small business owners, and more.

Now they have a second chance.

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I'm like a family member to her", he said. "If you have a generator, please make sure you operate it safely". The man was using a generator to power his home after severe weather knocked out electricity in the area.

Taking aim at illegal aliens who break criminal law makes sense; deporting productive young people who were brought into America as minors, who are otherwise law-abiding, makes little sense.

The California delegation - Democrats and Republicans alike - should be in the forefront of this battle. With Trump stripping away their protections, their elected representatives should fight on their behalf. Trump and some conservative allies have said Obama abused his executive authority by offering so-called "Dreamers" - immigrants brought to the USA illegally as children - temporary legal status without going through Congress. Reps. Dana Rohrabacher, Mimi Walters, Ed Royce and David Valadao issued similar statements. We should focus on them.

"I don't think it is unclear to anybody what those campaign promises were but it looks to me like he's preparing to keep Hillary Clinton's campaign promise rather than his own", he continued.

The RAISE (or Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy) Act would establish as skills-based point system for prospective immigrants, replacing the permanent employment visa program.

That's not a reason to sacrifice the Dreamers. "The innocence - it's amusing, because they don't know". Here's a chance to put a thick and welcome mark on the positive side of the balance sheet.

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