League unveils new 'Statement' uniforms for next season

Cleveland Cavaliers Alternate Goodyear Jersey

Nike releases all new NBA 'statement edition' alternate jerseys at media event

Yesterday, Nike introduced its new line of "NBA Connected" jerseys for NBA teams and players.

To unlock the features, fans will download the NikeConnect app and tap the jersey with their smartphone. The Cleveland "Statement Edition" jerseys are black and that has a special meaning. On that app, which will be available to owners of an iPhone 7 or an Android device with NFC capability, fans will be able to watch highlights of the player whose jersey they own as well as receive shoe deals.

The Pistons are adding a jersey to their wardrobe.

Ryanair Issue Apology To Customers After Flight Cancellations Announced
Ryanair have issued an apology to the public after they announced that they would cancel 50 flights over the next few weeks. The airline is moving the airline's holiday year from an April to March calendar year to a January to December one.

Signed in June 2015, the mega-contract covers eight years and while the terms have not been officially announced industry experts put its value in the region of $1 billion. Users who also have an X-Box or PS4 console on which they play National Basketball Association 2k18 unlock a boost for the player whose jersey has been scanned. Nike will have more insight than ever into who is buying which jerseys when and where, allowing Nike to direct its marketing and stock into avenues most likely to optimize sales for the product. Each team will have four set uniforms, including an alternate called "statement jerseys".

"There is no reason to think that we can't extend this experience to other sports, because in the end, what we do is bring more value to the experience of our customers", Olander said.

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