Protesters, Counterprotesters Clash over Lee Statue in Richmond

Robert E. Lee Monument In Richmond Virginia

Robert E. Lee Monument In Richmond Virginia

Counter-protestors seem to have formed strategy of overshadowing right-wing rallies in recent months.

Authorities closed down streets and blocked them off with dump trucks to prevent a repeat of Charlottesville, when a suspect rammed a vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters and killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer.

"I hope nobody loses their lives tomorrow, on either side, I really do".

As of 11:32 a.m., there were no arrests, although one person was removed from the scene, according to the Richmond Police Department. "We came here to help the general population that need to support the landmarks". "That is not why we are here", Brandau said.

There are multiple street closures and a large police presence across Richmond today as hundreds of people hit the streets for rallies against supporters of the Confederate monuments in the city.

Richmond police are teaming up with police from within the region and State Troopers to prevent what happened in Charlotteville from reoccurring.

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"You're causing inconvenience in our city", Lawrence shouted at the gathering.

While Richmond Police said they would enforce a strong no weapons policy inside the protective gates around the Lee monument, those who attend the rally would be allowed to carry guns because Virginia is an open carry state. "Have you no sensibility?" "About 20 minutes after [CSA II] was led away from the monument, a separate group of pro-Confederates took their place and the arguing back and forth continued between the pro-Confederates and counter-protesters", WSET's Elizabeth Tyree reported.

Police said weapons, like bats, flag poles, and shields, are prohibited.

"We have reached out to Charlottesville, we have reached out to Boston, we have reached out to Berkeley, to get their reaction, best practices, what went wrong, went right, and that's what you'll see us executing in our plan", Durham said. Protesters who tried to hide their identities with masks would be arrested, no questions asked.

"We don't precisely know who is coming", Durham said. "That's the struggle here".

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