Ryan won't say tax cut won't raise deficit

Why Ryan, undercut by Trump, may actually emerge stronger

TRUMP: Congress should 'move fast' on the 'biggest Tax Cut & Tax Reform package in the history of our country'

But the meeting was mostly geared toward the tax plan. GOP leaders made that "revenue neutral" promise in a campaign manifesto past year and many times since. (Of note here: President Trump on Thursday said that the tax package being devised will be revenue neutral once economic growth is factored in.) But absent such new ways to pay for the tax cuts, the rates being discussed are likely to meet some resistance from Republicans anxious about rising deficits. "That is more important than anything else". "The tax writers are going to take it from there on the details".

Representative Henry Cuellar, a Texas Democrat who also met with Trump Wednesday, said the president told the group: "I'm not asking you to go out there and sell a tax cut for the rich".

A major one is the GOP's failure, thus far, to pass a federal budget, which under legislative rules is a prerequisite for a tax plan that can avoid being stalled to death by Democrats in the Senate.

"China has a business tax rate of 15%". One problem is that every tax deduction has its own constituency, and Ryan has already ruled out eliminating some of the most popular ones, including deductions for home mortgages and charitable giving.

He said Wednesday that lawmakers should "move fast". Bob Corker, R-Tenn., chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, issued a statement earlier this week calling the debt the "greatest threat to our nation", greater than North Korea, Russia or the Islamic State group. He declared that removing them all is "not in our nation's interest", though he declined to reaffirm his past support for eventual citizenship for the "Dreamers". They said the deal would enshrine protections for younger immigrants and contain border security measures, but not Trump's long-sought wall.

Trump seems to be backpedaling on comments Wednesday, when he suggested rates could go higher for rich people.

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He didn't say that Thursday, and he emphasized that wealthy Americans are not his priority.

Constant clean-up work: "Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will resume his role as the reassurer for American allies this week when he heads to Mexico, where he will try to mend relations after President Trump failed to quickly offer condolences for the quake on Friday that killed at least 96 people and severely damaged thousands of homes". "We're looking at the middle class and we're looking at jobs". His plans include reducing individual taxes and lowering the corporate rate to 15 percent.

The president added, improbably, that the individual rate would be even lower than that. And during a speech in Missouri late last month, he warned Congress not to disappoint him on tax reform. It's just another tax cut for the wealthy that the nation can not afford.

Ryan said the outline to be released would reflect agreement among the tax-writing Ways and Means and Finance committees, and the administration.

Ryan says that window should give time for Congress to act.

Trump is doing an end around on Ryan and McConnell, and the Speaker of the House was clearly trying to save face.

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