Trump admin doesn't want to talk about climate change - CNNPolitics

Ahead of storm Florida jobless rate dipped slightly again

Trump admin doesn't want to talk about climate change - CNNPolitics

We have all been glued to the TV to see the effects of hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

Can we really blame these recent hurricanes on climate changes? As a "climate denier" he makes the claim that, yes, our climate is changing, but only as a result of natural and normal climate cycles, not because of human activity.

He was cool acting as a teacher, but Brady's remark was anything but conclusive. There's no shortage of misinformation to correct, and many serious stories to cover. However, in many cases it was not necessarily major storms that caught our attention, for in 2012 it was Sandy that struck New Jersey and NY causing such damage and alerting people to the likelihood of landfall of a major hurricane striking a large coastal city, such as Miami. Five of these major hurricanes hit America between 1991-2000.

His idea was to consider hurricanes as heat engines that can extract heat from the ocean surface and exhaust it at the upper troposphere. It was classified as a Category 1 hurricane with winds of 90 miles per hour. Fortunately, Austin is far enough inland that it was only minimally influenced by the ravages of Hurricane Harvey. These storms caused a drop in temperature without signs of increase for the following week. Early on, the Trump administration systematically removed information about climate change from federal websites.

On top of the day-to-day intensity fluctuations due to local environmental conditions, hurricanes may also possess chaotic behaviors that cause their intensity to highly vary. Our leaders need to lead on climate change, not try to ignore it. Upton Sinclair said this almost a century ago, but it continues to explain much, including many Americans' adamant refusal to accept the reality of climate change.

Some research has indicated that the change in global climate could lead to a shift of the jet stream behaviors over North America. The remnants of Hurricane Harvey sent devastating floods pouring into the nation's fourth-largest city Sunday as rising water chased thousands of people to rooftops or higher ground.

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By the time the rain stops, Harvey will have dumped about 1 million gallons of water for every man, woman and child in southeastern Texas - a soggy, record-breaking glimpse of the wet and wild future global warming could bring, scientists say.

Likewise, the emergence of triple hurricanes in the Atlantic basin during September 2017 could be another potential signal of the more favorable conditions for hurricane formation from climate change.

For the first time in history, two category 4 hurricanes have hit the United States in a single year. This is because these extremes are signals of climate changes that can be distinguished from day-to-day variations.

But are we seeing the impact of what this theory predicted, at least in hurricanes? These intense hurricanes leave everyone drained, but there is more. Unless we take steps to keep fossil fuels in the ground and plan for a changing world, more people will lose their homes or their lives.

Some researchers have claimed that there has been an uptick in Atlantic hurricane activity, but the uptick is nearly certainly an artifact of improved weather-monitoring capabilities, as Chris Landsea at the National Hurricane Center has documented. These factors directly affect the interaction of hurricanes with the surrounding environment. Better understanding of hurricane-climate relation is needed, as ultimately that knowledge can help serve society.

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