Big Super Mario Run Update Heading Your Way On September 29th

Super Mario Run update: Remix 10 mode and Daisy coming soon

New Remix 10 mode, Daisy and discount coming to Super Mario Run

According to Nintendo, the firm will be adding a new world, mode, and playable character.

Super Mario Run Remix 10 is a new mode that lets you play a set of 10 super short sections from Super Mario Run's existing levels in quick succession.

You may have already heard Super Mario Run is prepping for its biggest update yet on September 29. World Star will contain nine new levels, new enemies, and additional gameplay mechanics. Daisy will be Super Mario Run's seventh playable character, not counting the Yoshi color variations. The company has also promised to cut the game's price in half between 29 September and 12 October, to revive interest in the company's signature gaming brand. The stages are remixed with each attempt, and with rainbow-colored bonus medals strewn across these bite-sized stages, it's a fresh challenge every time. Finishing levels and collecting medals rewards players with new decorative items for the Mushroom Kingdom and the new playable character, Princess Daisy.

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If this wasn't enough, Nintendo is also adding a new world to check out. What this means is, you will be able to get all of Super Mario Run's worlds and features for Rs. 400 ($5 in the US) instead of the usual Rs. 800 ($10 in the US). Whenever players do so, the characters in the game will be wearing headphones for a cute visual touch.

Nintendo will now allow users to listen to their own music tracks while playing.

The publication reports that despite Super Mario Run making a good start when it was launched, Nintendo expected better revenue earnings from the full version of the game.

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