Attack on Titan 2 Headed to Nintendo Switch

Slaying titans on the go? Yes please

Slaying titans on the go? Yes please

Koei Tecmo are showing the Switch even more love, with the announcement that Attack on Titan 2 is being made for the the machine. But other than releasing some new screens, and mention of a vague 2018 release date, that's all we kinda know.

Attack on Titan 2 will be released in Europe in 2018 for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. As many expected, it's skipping the PS Vita version coming only to Japan, since Koei Tecmo appears to consider the platform pretty much dead in the west. You can see what that fight looked like in the embedded launch trailer for the first game.

Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the global version to come out to really make sure you know what happens to your favourite characters.

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"Attack on Titan 2" will also give players the ability to "have deep exchanges with the characters from the original work", although there is no explanation as to how this will be implemented.

Though the game naturally focuses on action sequences, it also includes some RPG elements. Koei Tecmo is promising "versatile action and new challenges", noting the heroes will be able to take advantage of "newly improved omni-directional mobility gear offering advanced freedom of movement and targeting precision to counter enhanced Titan movements". The second game by Omega Force will cover the events of the anime's second season.

Like the first game, Attack on Titan 2 explores the narrative of the highly popular anime's second season.

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