Asylum seekers from Manus, Nauru on their way to the US

Twenty Five Refugees Leave Manus Island In AUS-US Resettlement Deal

First batch of refugee's leave for US

The first 25 refugees from a male-only camp on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island had flown out of the national capital Port Moresby on Tuesday for the United States via the Philippines and Qatar, Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul said. They will arrive in the United States via the Philippines and Qatar, and will settle in population centers including in Atlanta, Georgia, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Rintoul says another 27 refugees flew to Port Moresby on Wednesday from a camp in Nauru. They will arrive in Los Angeles via the Philippines, Qatar and Chicago.

Manus Island is set to close on October 31 and refugees who will not be sent to the U.S. are set to be resettled in Papua New Guinea.

In total, up to 1250 asylum seekers are expected to be resettled in the US. The origin of the two additional refugees remains unclear.

They were recently cleared by USA authorities for resettlement under a deal struck between the former Obama administration and the Turnbull government.

Trump has called the deal "dumb" and "horrible", but agreed to honor it while vowing to conduct "extreme vetting" on the new arrivals prior to their departure from the camps.

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"Somebody once said to me the world's biggest collection of Armani jeans and handbags was up on Nauru waiting for people to collect it when they depart", Mr Dutton told 2GB radio.

"It raises the level of anxiety and uncertainty and that's been magnified by the fact that USA officials have indicated that while they expect that there will be other groups being processed, it could take as long to process the next group of people as it has to process this one which is several months", he said.

Meanwhile, the future of the asylum seekers left behind at the camps remains unknown, as more than 2,000 now live at the sites.

"It's simply beyond description for the Immigration Minister to cast this kind of slur about people he's kept in detention for four years and not even have the common decency to wish them well".

Human rights groups have denounced Australia over its treatment of the asylum seekers.

The refugees arrived in Australian waters years ago and were transferred to offshore detention under a strict government policy to block anyone who arrived by boat from entering the country.

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