White tiger cubs maul keeper to death

Bengaluru 40-year-old zoo gatekeeper mauled to death by two white tigers

Bengaluru: White tiger kills caretaker at Bannerghatta Biological Park

Though he tried to escape, the cubs of white tigress Sowbhagya, chased and allegedly mauled him to death, they said.

The popular Bannerghatta Biological Park was closed on Sunday as workers staged an impromptu strike at the BBP entrance a day after Anjaneya alias Anji, 40, the gatekeeper who was killed by two white tigers.

On Saturday evening, Anji went into the enclosure to feed tigers. It was here that one of the tigers from the safari area entered the enclosure, attacked him and dragged him to the safari area.

One of the cubs swiped at the keeper and then bit him on the neck, and then the second one joined in. He succumbed to the injuries'.

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Anji was reportedly married with two children.

Recently on September 21, Shreyas, a nine-year-old white tiger died after fighting with two other Royal Bengal tigers at the safari of the Bannerghatta Park. The Park's executive director Santosh Kumar confirmed Anji's death, but said: "Since a police investigation is on, it is not fair on my part to give any reason behind Anji's death".

London's Daily Mail said white tigers, which are located in southern and eastern Asia, are considered endangered species and that roughly half of the world's tiger population is settled in India with some 2,226 of the tigers roaming protected in reserves, according to a 2014 count.

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