Amazon announces new Kindle for line's 10th anniversary

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The Verge

The new model, which ships on October 31, includes a larger 7-inch screen, a water-resistant design, and support for Audible, the Amazon-owned audio book service. It also connects over both Wi-Fi and 4G LTE.

In perhaps the biggest departure in terms of design, the Kindle Oasis (2017) comes with an all-metal design for the very first time.

It'll cost £229.99/$249.99 (about AU$330) for the 8GB version and there's also a 32GB version that costs £259.99/$279.99 (about AU$360). As such, battery life is slightly shorter, though improved fast-charging will allow it to fully recharge in under two hours. It's also way better, featuring a larger screen, water resistance and more.

While the $120 Paperwhite remains the most sensible Kindle for most people, this new Oasis brings Amazon one step closer to its dream of an ideal e-reader: a magical piece of paper that contains every book on Earth. And thanks to its IPX8 rating, you can - wittingly or unwittingly - submerge the new Oasis in up to two meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes.

Whereas the previous version of the Kindle Oasis cost $290 and had 4GB of storage, the newer version will cost $250 and have 8 GB of storage.

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Kindle fans, rejoice. Amazon has listened and is finally bringing a waterproof ereader to market - nearly 10 years after the internet giant debuted the first Kindle device. The case also doesn't have a battery in it anymore. Older Oasis covers will not work with the new device. Amazon has managed to squeeze one in that'll get you through six weeks of use - a threefold improvement on the outgoing device. Amazon will sell water-safe covers that start at $44.99 and leather covers at $59.99.

It's black and white unlike the reading experience you'll get on normal tablets, but it's a great display that beats most of the competition out there, and of course it has a built-in light, like most Amazon ereaders.

If you didn't like the design of the last Oasis. well, tough luck. The device has become a little bit heavier in the process, jumping from 131 grams to 194 grams, but Amazon says it still measures a slim 3.4mm at its thinnest point. It's launching with support for Audible audiobooks.

If you're also planning to use the Oasis for your audiobooks, it's likely you'll want the larger 32GB version to ensure you have enough room for all of your titles.

The Kindle Oasis sports built-in support, which means it can read books to you so long as you have an Audible subscription (or own an audio copy of the book through Audible.) You can pair the Oasis with a Bluetooth speaker, tap a button, and it starts reading right from where you stopped. The new Kindle Oasis 2017 keeps the asymmetric form-factor of its predecessor but does away with that model's removable battery cover. E-readers endure, he said, in part because they don't come with the distraction of other devices where email or web browsing are more readily available. Why on earth would you need all that for notoriously small eBooks?

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