Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is getting Halloween-themed content

It’s a graveyard smash

It’s a graveyard smash

Gesture Warfare, the mode in which players kill each other with in-game gestures such as smushing players with their fingers or zapping them from a distance by throwing up a finger gun, is returning to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on October 12.

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Within the Carnage only playlist, you can play a variety of game modes while also enjoying Double XP.

A FREE Halloween themed cosmetic item every Friday, plus one final gift on the 30th October. The Halloween Scream event will add Gesture Warfare until October 12, where players use nothing but gestures to take out enemies.

As far as nominally eerie game modes go, the centrepiece of the event is Boss Battle, offering the chance to tackle various bosses from Infinite Warfare's Zombie mode.

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Of course, if you love the challenge and satisfaction of figuring out a Call of Duty zombies Easter Egg, you'll still be able to play zombie Episodes normally during the Halloween Scream event.

Halloween themed gear and loot, including brand new zombie themed Rig skins - which are available to earn.

If any of that takes your fancy, there's a full schedule of events, and a brief glimpse at all those spookily themed freebies, over on the official Hallowe'en Scream page.

During Halloween Scream, you'll be gifted a free Halloween-themed Supply Drop at the beginning of each week.

In order to receive the free items, all you need to do is log into the multiplayer between Monday and Friday morning and swing by the the Quartermaster. Geto out there and get to trick or treating!

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