Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Maker Of Bump Stock Used In Shooting


The NRA is looking to regulate stocks of bump fire after a devastating mass shooting took place in Las Vegas recently

The suit (PDF) was filed October 6 in Clark County, Nevada, court, on behalf of concertgoers who suffered emotional distress during the October 1 shooting, report Courthouse News Service, Bloomberg News, Reuters, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and a press release.

Bump stock regulation leading to more sales?

We reached out to Slide Fire for comment but a recording on a their phone line said there wasn't room to leave a message and Slide Fire didn't reply to our email. The complaint goes on to allege that the damage caused to the plaintiffs, "resulted from the military-style arsenal that the defendants manufactured, marketed, and sold to the public, without any reasonable measures or safeguards".

The putative class is represented by Robert Eglet and three others at Eglet Prince in Las Vegas, and by Jonathan Lowy of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence in Washington.

The people who attended the concert have suffered so much already. The attorneys said they plan to address the lawsuit at a press conference on Tuesday.

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On the auction site, the bidding for bump stocks, which allow a shooter to fire a semiautomatic weapon at almost full-auto speeds, has risen to four or five times the accessories' previous retail price. "There are people who were killed, injured, and suffered emotional distress who would not have been, if Paddock had not possessed a bump stock".

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has previously found that the production and sale of bump stocks are legal under existing federal law.

Paddock used a bump fire stock or a bump stock on 12 of the rifles he used to carry out the shooting. Moreover, under federal law, bump stocks are not banned even if it lets a weapon fire at the same rate as a machine gun without converting it into an automatic firearm.

Emotional distress suit is filed in Las Vegas... Slide Fire has since suspended new orders on its website and disabled its "locate a dealer" section.

They also asked the court to approve a supervised program of psychological monitoring for everyone affected by the shooting at the expense of Slide Fire.

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