Eminem blasts Trump in four-minute freestyle rap at BET Awards

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Lil Yatchy

His entire freestyle ripped apart President Donald Trump as he opened the four-minute deluge with a reference to Trump's disturbing "calm before the storm" quip then went on to slam the president over immigration, corruption, white supremacy, the National Football League, gun control, environmental disasters and more.

"We better give Obama props/Because what we got in office now is a kamikaze/That will probably cause a nuclear holocaust/And while the drama pops and he waits for sh*t to quiet down/He'll just gas his plane up and fly around until the bombing stops", Eminem raps.

THe rant is getting a lot of attention on social media.

"Instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada".

At the end of his impassioned rhyme Eminem had a simple message for any of his fans who supported Donald Trump.

Eminem also referenced Trump's comments about Senator John McCain who was a Prisoner of War.

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Comedian Heather Anne Campbell did compliment Eminem on a "good job", but not before noting that he himself has spent years "saying inflammatory things", only to be upset with Trump for doing the same thing.

He then accused Trump of "supporting Klansmen" and of thinking that black athletes are "spoiled little brats" for "spitting the face of veterans".

Courtesy of BETThe BET Hip Hop Awards, hosted by DJ Khaled, will air tonight.

"And any fan of mine who's a supporter of his, I'm drawing in the sand a line", Enimem said.

Then Enimem raised his middle finger and flipped off the camera.

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