Government pledges to tackle ethnic inequalities in schools

Theresa May challenged by black student over stop and search

Racial inequality in UK: The appalling reality of how a Briton's ethnicity affects their chances of a good life

A considerably higher unemployment rate among black, Asian and minority ethnic people than white British adults and lower home ownership among Bangladeshis and black people are among the findings to come out of the report.

At key stage 2, 71 per cent of Chinese primary pupils met the expected standard for reading, writing and maths in 2016, compared with 54 per cent of White British pupils.

The new site, available later today, contains thousands of statistics covering more than 130 topics in areas including employment, health, education, and criminal justice.

Calling the audit a "comprehensive and coherent race equality strategy", David Isaac, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said that the report must be used tackle the "entrenched inequality" in the United Kingdom, and to set the foundations for real change.

She said: 'I think whats happening is that the constant talking about institutional racism, racial bias, unfair treatment - these are the words that the Prime Minister herself was using - is stoking grievance.

Prime Minister Theresa May pledged on Tuesday to "hold a mirror up to society" with a study showing sharp racial disparities in Britain, as she looks for a way to demonstrate her leadership is about more than just delivering Brexit.

Interestingly, some of the biggest disparities were found between ethnic minority groups.

May has called on the government and institutions to "explain or change" this disparity.

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The event was attended by a number of campaigners, including Jabeer Butt from the Race Equality Foundation, Omar Khan from the Runnymede Trust, Kunle Olulode from Voice4Change and Matilda MacAttram from Black Mental Health. "The time for talking is now over, we must now move to debating solutions".

"The prime minister has done nothing but exacerbate the problems".

The "Ethnicity facts and figures" website is a mixture of new data and stats which were previously published in a less accessible format.

Speaking in the Commons shortly after the website's launch, First Secretary Damian Green described the project as a "resource which tells us how well we're doing as a society", adding: "We hope this website will contribute to a better and well-informed debate on ethnicity in our society".

"People who have lived with discrimination don't need a government audit to make them aware of the scale of the challenge".

It examines how people of different races and backgrounds are treated in British society - particularly in relation to public services.

She will say "these issues are now out in the open" and that the collection of data provides "definitive evidence" of the challenges the United Kingdom still faces to "build a country that works for everyone".

"If these disparities can not be explained then they must be changed", May said following the report, calling on government and the UK's institutions.

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