Ireland must pressure European Union to end Brexit standoff, MEP claims

Brexiteers are reportedly pushing for a no deal

GETTYBrexiteers are reportedly pushing for a no deal

May's comments came after Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told media that he would vote Leave in a second referendum on Britain's membership having campaigned for Remain in the run-up to last year's vote.

Donald Tusk has said Brussels is not working on a "no deal" option - but indicated that it could be open to suggestions if sufficient progress still hasn't been made by the end of the year.

- Britain will not be a member of EU institutions during the two-year "implementation" period after it leaves the union on March 29, 2019, but it will retain access to the EU single market until the implementation period is over.

She also signaled Britain would pay what it owes to settle financial commitments it has made to the bloc, but without naming a figure.

Aides to May have signaled that the prime minister has accepted that her October deadline will not be met despite a speech in Italy last month which attempted to reset the tone of the hard negotiations.

He insisted Brussels was still working towards a deal, but said: "We hear from London that the United Kingdom government is preparing for a "no deal" scenario".

May said progress was being made on all three, and "there is considerable agreement" between the United Kingdom and the bloc on citizens' rights.

She said: 'I voted remain, I voted remain for good reasons at the time.

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"So the ball is entirely in the United Kingdom court for the rest to happen", he said.

Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen, however, called for compromise, saying "this will never be a 100 percent win for one side or the other side".

The simple fact is that half a loaf is always better than starving to death, although personally I think we should be aiming a tad higher than avoiding death.

There is only one possible way that Theresa May can fight her way back, and that would be to stop with the hot air and bluster, and go and get us a deal we can all live well with.

France, Germany and Romania have all opposed an attempt to move Brexit negotiations onto the subject of future UK-EU trade ties later this month, the Times report claims, citing an unnamed diplomatic source.

This round of divorce discussions is the last before European leaders meet at a summit on October 19 to decide whether there is "sufficient progress" to move on to the trade talks that Britain desperately wants.

The debacle intensified debate about whether May can unite her fractious government - divided between Brexit enthusiasts and more reluctant leavers - and how long she can survive as prime minister.

British leaders have criticized the European Union for demanding a strict division in the talks, saying agreements on specific exit issues depend on whether both sides can agree on the terms of the post-exit partnership.

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