Israel Spotted Russian Spies Using Kaspersky AV to Hack US

Israelis 'watched Russians use Kaspersky wares to find NSA malware'

See You Later Kaspersky - It Was Nice Knowing You

The NSA then conducted their own investigation into these claims which revealed that the Russian government had access to its proprietary tools and software after acquiring them from one of their employees who had stored the files on his personal computer at home that ran Kaspersky's antivirus software.

Allegations that Kaspersky's well-known end point security software has been used to provide Russian intelligence agencies with access to sensitive data from, potentially creating a backdoor into millions of computers, have been made by The New York Times.

And late last month, the U.S. National Intelligence Council completed a classified report that it shared with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies concluding that Russia's FSB intelligence service had "probable access" to Kaspersky customer databases and source code, the Post reported.

But the role of Israeli intelligence in uncovering the breach and the Russian hackers' use of Kaspersky software in the broader search for American secrets have not previously been disclosed, the outlets noted.

Following today's (Wednesday) earlier reports that Israeli intelligence officials warned the USA about Russian hackers breaking into their information security, an Israeli security source told Channel 2 News Online that Israel has long suspected the Russian information security company, Kaspersky Lab, used by the hackers to access U.S. intelligence.

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In addition to the sources for the story speaking under condition of anonymity, the Times disclosed that the White House, National Security Agency and Israeli Embassy all declined to comment while the Russian Embassy refused to respond to the newspaper's inquiries.

Kaspersky has published a statement saying that it was not involved in and does not have knowledge of the situation.

The firm added that it has never helped, nor would help, governments in matters of cyber-espionage. The company vigorously denied the allegations.

The Israelis passed this information on to their counterparts in the NSA, leading ultimately to the federal ban on Kaspersky Lab, according to the New York Times.

Kaspersky spokeswoman Sarah Kitsos told the Washington Post on Tuesday that "as a private company, Kaspersky Lab does not have inappropriate ties to any government, including Russian Federation, and the only conclusion seems to be that Kaspersky Lab is caught in the middle of a geopolitical fight".

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