Local Texas Tech student describes terror on campus after fatal shooting

Students put their guns up during moment of silence for Officer Floyd East

Students put their guns up during moment of silence for Officer Floyd East

It's unclear whether the weapon used to kill the officer belonged to Daniels or was swiped from an officer at the station or from a squad vehicle, University Police Chief Kyle Bonath said late Monday. He also didn't say whether Daniels had been checked for weapons when first arrested on the drug charge.

During the search, Bonath said, the university counseling center told police that Daniels' family had "called to express concerns that the student might be in possession of a weapon and making comments about suicide".

The officers noticed drug paraphernalia in the room before Daniels arrived, he said.

A Texas Tech student from Denison is describing the terror of last night's fatal shooting on campus.

"Our police, they literally give their lives to keep us safe", said student, Libby Kissling.

The party originally made a post on Twitter condemning campus carry laws in the wake of the incident, but later deleted the tweet and apologized when it became clear that Daniels's possession of his firearm on campus was likely illegal.

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Stuart Williams, chairman of the Lubbock County Democratic Party, wrote that it was not the time to talk politics. The party's statement said that only law enforcement officials should be able to have firearms on campus, and "sensible gun laws can do something about America's shameful gun violence". He confirmed that one person was shot at the school's police division in Lubbock, a community of more than 240,000 people more than 483 kilometres west of Dallas. Officer XXXX transported Hollis Daniels to the Texas Tech Police Department where Officer XXXX was completing booking paperwork for Hollis Daniels arrest.

The corporal said he left the room and then heard a gunshot, according to the affidavit.

The suspect admitted to officers that he was the one who shot East and said he did something "illogical". He rushed back into the room and found East mortally wounded and Daniels missing.

They tackled him and took him into custody. Police found a loaded.45-caliber pistol and a police body camera nearby.

Texas is one of 10 states to allow students to carry concealed weapons on campus but Daniels, 19, illegally did so.

Detectives say that in an interview, Daniels told them, "I [messed] up".

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