Microsoft investigates Russian pro-Trump ads

Google uncovered Russia-backed ads on YouTube, Gmail

Google Finds Accounts Connected to Russia Bought Election Ads

A Russian-linked operation different from the Kremlin-linked troll farms that spent bank on Facebook ads, dropped tens of thousands of dollars placing ads on YouTube, GMail, and other Google platforms. And, it followed up by hiring 1,000 people to review targeted ads based on "politics, religion, ethnicity or social issues".

However around $6,700 was spent on the adverts which appeared on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Corp said it was looking into whether Russians bought USA election ads on its Bing search engine or on other Microsoft-owned products and platforms, after rival Google said it had discovered such ads on its products. Last week, Facebook handed some 3,000 ads over to federal lawmakers investigating Russian interference.

Although some tech companies like Oath were not as open with their internal investigations, it's great to see Microsoft following the likeness of Google, Facebook, and Twitter to see if Russian based operatives purchased ads and conducted "inappropriate activity" on Microsoft platforms and products in order to impact the 2016 US election.

Sandberg is slated to sit down with Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) members, sources tell Recode, who first reported on the Facebook COO's plans.

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The man pushing the big tech companies more than any other, lead Democrat on the House intelligence select committee Adam Schiff (D-CA), said the only thing surprising about the ad spend was that it had taken Google so long to report it. Google runs the world's largest online advertising business, and YouTube is the world's largest online video site.

The CBC has recently put pressure on the company to provide more answers regarding Russian use of its platform.

That is around a third of the $150,000 that Facebook had admitted was spent on its network promoting fake news created to interfere with the election and nearly certainly stemmed from the Russian government. They posed as Black Lives Matter sympathizers who were sharply critical of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Some pushed a film about Donald Trump's golf course building efforts in Scotland (called "You've Been Trumped"); others promoted Barack Obama merchandise; but the bulk of the spend was on ads calling for Obama to resign.

Facebook and Twitter, whose officials were also invited, have confirmed they will attend but Google has not responded.

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