Microsoft is now rolling out Cortana inside of Skype

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Microsoft brings Cortana to Skype

For example, Cortana can suggest users nearby eateries, landmarks, and even smart replies based on their chats.

At least for users in the United States to begin with, and those on iOS and Android phones for that matter, although doubtless these are the first steps towards a global cross-platform rollout for all Skype software. And today, Microsoft announced that its Virtual Assistant Cortana's integration with Skype for Android as well as iOS is now live.

You can also chat with Cortana one to one as it will be now available as a contact.

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With the integration, Cortana will be able to assist Skype users with restaurant and movie reviews, provide quick smart replies and help with reminders and scheduling of appointments.

The integration has now only rolled out in the both Android and iOS platforms. Still, getting Cortana started inside of Skype is the first step toward making this kind of service useful, and at least Microsoft is there now. Microsoft has not yet revealed the timeline for other regions to receive the update.

If you're really, really awkward in Skype text conversations, or you just want someone to think you're paying attention without all that pesky human interaction, you can now get help from Cortana. You can scroll through the responses and select the appropriate one. If someone asks you to keep in mind to do something, Cortana will offer to set a reminder on your phone. Cortana is also available as a contact on your Skype app so you can actually chat with it to ask for the weather, get directions to where you're going, check your flight status, recommend the best restaurants, etc. The reminders that Cortana sets for you can be received on all devices you own with Cortana enabled.

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