Middle-Earth Shadow of War: PS4, Xbox One or PC?

Shadow of War is 53% bigger on PC than PS4

What Spending $100 Gets You in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

If you don't want to bother with the Windows Store, you can always pick up Shadow of War on the internet's premier PC gaming marketplace: Steam.

As seen below in the footage for Middle-earth: Shadow of War's launch trailer, fans of the new release are privy to a showcase of the open world title's in-game engine, as well as a plethora of accolades that it has received thus far. "Yeah, it's really hard because I genuinely can't imagine anything we could come up with-even if you set it as your goal-[that would] make everybody happy; I think it would be impossible".

Stapleton also shows his download size on the PS4 Pro which is 63.93 GB. The PS4 version of the game takes less than 70 GB with the patch installed for it compared to the PC version. Much of this is likely some 4K textures and other packs like that. The Xbox One version approximates a 65.63 GB download size.

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We're probably looking at a similar situation regarding bigger download sizes for when the Xbox One X releases. Bethesda is back this week with The Evil Within 2 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. In fact, the PC version's file size is pushing 100GB, although console versions are smaller.

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