Palestine's Hamas, Fatah Reconciliation Talks Kick Off Under Egypt Mediation

Divisions remain as Hamas-Fatah reconciliation talks due to start

Palestine's Hamas, Fatah Reconciliation Talks Kick Off Under Egypt Mediation

But divisions remain even over the parameters for the upcoming talks.

Gaza now receives just several hours of electricity a day after Abbas decided in March to reduce funding to the Strip by around 22 percent, in an attempt to coerce the Hamas terror group into ceding power.

Before the meeting began, Azzam Al-Ahmad, the head of the Fatah delegation, said elections, the judiciary, the security, the PLO, the political vision, and the Palestinian issue would be discussed.

The same area was targeted by Israeli shelling two days ago, said the sources.

A Fatah official in Cairo, Samih Barzaq, told Asharq Al-Awsat that the measures taken by the PA against Gaza employees would be lifted "very soon".

In a September joint statement, the special representatives of the Middle East Quartet, comprising the United Nations, the European Union, Russia and the United States, called for the reunification of the Palestinian parties controlling the Gaza Strip and the West Bank under the leadership of the Palestinian Authority. Hamas, whose ideology is a blend of Palestinian nationalism and hardline Islamist politics, is being outflanked by more violent, extremist terrorist organizations determined to destroy Israel and wage war on Palestinian groups it has deemed too moderate. "These are obstacles that aim to spread frustration and despair", he told the Palestinian news site Quds Press on Monday. He stressed that the decision of peace and war and the form of resistance to which everyone is committed is a national decision rather than a sectarian one.

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Although these groups have not internal conflict between Hamas and Fatah in the summer of 2007.

Multiple previous attempts at reconciliation have failed but the latest Egyptian-led push received a major boost last month when Hamas agreed to cede civil power in Gaza.

The talks were made possible after Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, dissolved the administrative committee it had established to run Gaza affairs.

- "The dialogue committee for reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas started work under Egyptian sponsorship" adding the talks "began in the headquarters of the Egyptian intelligence to examine the files to enable a Palestinian national unity government to work in the Gaza Strip".

Hamas has ever since been running the coastal enclave, while Fatah has been based in the autonomous parts the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

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