Physicians' Education Resource® Announces the Miami Breast Cancer Conference®: Attendee Tumor Board

Leading lady Liz happily chatted to guests at the bash and signed a book in memory of those lost to the disease

Leading lady Liz happily chatted to guests at the bash and signed a book in memory of those lost to the disease

"That's something to be proud of, knowing that an everyday purchase you make will go towards preventing breast cancer in the future", says Direct Wire's president, Eric Laubach.

Many people believe clinical trials are used as a last resort for a person suffering not only from breast cancer but any cancer.

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"The American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks on Long Island is a way to celebrate cancer survivors, pay tribute to loved ones lost, and give to help save lives from breast cancer", said Patti Lestrange Mack, Communications Director of American Cancer Society. "There's been many that have been done that have led to using hormonal therapy in someone who was at high risk for cancer not just after they had already been diagnosed", said Turner.

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While the number of breast cancer diagnoses have decreased in the past 15 years, some 250,000 women and men will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2017.

Attendee Tumor Board webcast, is an educational extension to the annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference®, which will discuss the latest in breast cancer research, controversies and other breakthroughs. The test looks at 18 genetic variants on blood or saliva that are known to affect a woman's chances of getting breast cancer.

United States breast cancer death rate down 38 percent since 1989.

Contributing to grants that educate and enable at-risk communities to get breast cancer screenings. By the same token, not all women have benefited equally from these improvements, as evidenced by variation in mortality trends.

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