Women not allowed to fly home after plastic surgery leaves them unrecognisable

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ASIAWIREPassport news The women had travelled to South Korea from China to have their procedures

The plastic surgery they received left them unrecognisable from their passport photos, which resulted in their detention at an airport in South Korea.

Asia Wire reported the three women flew to South Korea during China's Golden Week, a national holiday where Chinese people are encouraged to take vacations.

According the Chinese publication, Shanghaiist, the women were not allowed onto their return flight after security officials couldn't confirm that their faces post the surgery matched with those in their passports.

According to Apple Daily, Ms Jian also said in her caption: "Even your own mother would not recognise you". The picture was liked more than 51,000 times and shared more than 23,000 times.

South Korea is notorious for its enthusiastic, and often controversial, approach to plastic surgery - particularly major facial surgery, which aims to make clients look more "Western".

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The women were unable to board their flight and were detained at the airport.

The New York Post reports that the women were in their 20s but remained unidentified.

Desperate to get home as soon as possible, those three went to the airport while still having the bandages on their swollen faces.

South Korea's plastic surgery industry is growing popular, as the procedure is very cheap there.

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