Arby's offering limited edition venison sandwiches again October 21

Arby's offering limited edition venison sandwiches again Oct. 21

Arby's To Sell Venison Burger At All Metro Detroit Locations — For One Day Only

The sandwich will be available on Saturday, Oct. 21, at every Arby's location in the country, which includes one on Aramingo Avenue in Kensington, one in Northeast Philly and several in the surrounding suburbs. The company expects the sandwiches to sell out quickly again and is advising people to come early if they want one.

Last year, the Venison Sandwich was released in only five states and "sold out within hours".

You won't need a 30.06 to put meat on the table starting October 21 when Arby's releases venison sandwiches nationwide and elk sandwiches in three western states. The venison (that's deer meat, by the way) is marinated in garlic, salt, and pepper, then cooked for three hours until juicy.

This hunting season, Arby's is rolling out a special limited-edition Elk Sandwich that will only be available in the three states mentioned above. "On October 21, we want hunters and meat enthusiasts across the country to visit their local Arby's and enjoy this awesome sandwich". And if you have never tried venison, color me highly skeptical that a fast-food sandwich is the best way to introduce you to the meat.

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The sandwich will be thick cut venison steak, topped with crispy onions and a berry sauce.

"We took a look at what hunters and wild game enthusiasts love to talk about eating, and elk was something that kept popping up, and we said, 'this is another great tasting game meat we think our guests would enjoy, '" he continued. The sandwich features a tender elk steak topped with blackberry port steak sauce and crispy onions on a toasted specialty roll.

If the limited release success of the Venison Sandwich is any indication, Arby's customers are warming up to the idea just fine.

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