Equifax reports it might have been breached again

Smith Collection  Gado  Getty Images

Smith Collection Gado Getty Images

The new attack involved a webpage that asked visitors to download fraudulent Adobe Flash updates, according to Ars Technica. "When it becomes available or we have more information to share, we will". To serve the adware up to visitors, the hackers appear to have redirected them from Equifax's site to shady web pages that host the malicious software.

Last month, Equifax announced that about 143 million people had seen their Social Security numbers and other sensitive information exposed when someone exploited a website application to access confidential files between May and July. Equifax says it took the page down "out of an abundance of caution" as it investigates.

The incident comes just over a month after Equifax disclosed a massive data breach in which hackers stole the personal information of more than 145 million USA consumers.

Equifax has taken a customer help page offline after concerns the company might have been breached again, the company reported Thursday. Equifax first disclosed that breach in September.

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"We are aware of the situation identified on the equifax.com website in the credit report assistance link", an Equifax representative said in an email.

The breach has prompted investigations by multiple federal and state agencies, including a criminal probe by the United States Department of Justice, and it has led to the departure of the company's chief executive officer, chief information officer and chief security officer.

After that breach, the company faced seething criticism from consumers, regulators and lawmakers over its handling of that incident.

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