Oculus VR announces £199 Go headset, cuts Rift pricing

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For the people who aren't in a headset, Facebook made a decision to drop in 3D Posts, a native media type in News Feed that gives everyone the ability to share content created inside VR. Furthermore, Oculus will be selling Gear VR like controllers with the Oculus Go. Oculus did switch from OLED to LCD, however, and the frame rate is still unknown.

Oculus Go, according to Barra, comes with custom lenses that allows for a wide field of view.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg described Oculus Go on his Facebook page as "the most accessible virtual reality experience" that they've ever built. "We can't wait for you see what else we have in store, from innovative new software features to compelling content and blockbuster IPs". It will not have positional tracking, which means that high-end VR apps available on the Oculus Rift headset will not work. Indeed, the social network giant is impressing the design and comfort of the device with its soft leather and fabric features.

The Oculus Go is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 processing chipset (as per Tom's Hardware), so it won't run PC games. The Oculus Go is binary compatible with the Gear VR, meaning developers that are already using the latest Mobile SDK, or the latest Unity or Unreal game engines, can run their apps on the new VR headset without any modification. This price cut will put Rift in a better position while competing with competitors like HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. However, the company says that not everyone has the room or location in their homes for setting up multiple sensors and cameras for full tracking. The headset would start shipping from early next year.

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Apart from its new VR headset, Oculus also showcased a new development into its Project Santa Cruz VR headset that was first showed off previous year.

What's more, the Santa Cruz system will include an updated pair of "Santa Cruz controllers", which combine the design and fit of the current Oculus Touch controllers with a giant, thumb-friendly trackpad-meaning, Oculus Touch and SteamVR games will soon be controllable nearly identically. They look more streamlined and compact in comparison to the Touch controllers. The company has focused on selling virtual reality as a way to remotely connect with other people and experience new things, as opposed to just as a gaming device - the way most people use VR today. Oculus Dash is Rift's new interface that has been built from the ground up for Touch.

Users will now be able to create art (or what Facebook refers to as Quillustrations) in their virtual space with Quill, a VR painting tool that was used to create the VR film "Dear Angelica".

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